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Every now and again it is nice to take a weekend trip. Traveling is fun – you get to go to a new place, discover new things, try new foods and drinks, and meet new people. I love traveling – it just gives me a new sense of freedom and I have a bunch of pictures and memories to hold onto.

This past weekend my sister and I decided to visit the City of Savannah in Georgia. And it was one of the best trips ever. Want to find out why? Well pull up a seat and maybe a drink or snack and join my as I give you the highlights of my trip.

After a busy  morning of running errands, getting pedicures etc., we drove down to Savannah and arrived in the afternoon.  We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn right in the Downtown/Historic District. This is one of the best choices we made as it was in walking distance of a lot of tourist spots and great food and drinks.



Weary from our travels – we were glad to claim our room and and rest our legs for  a bit.


I seriously fell in love with the bathroom  – How cool is the shower? It looks like an idea I might use in the future when I have my own home.


Cool mirrors just for selfies 😉

Once we had rested we got hungry and soon got up to search for food. With our hotel  being in downtown and being in Savannah it didn’t take too long nor did we have to walk too far to find something to eat.

We ended up in Savannah City Market  and decided on Wild Wings Cafe. The Ambiance of City Market is really chill and easy vibe.  My sister and I decided to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and live music that filled the air.

For dinner I chose the lemon pepper and ginger seasoned wings.


To go with it I chose the Lim-a-rita  Margarita – the perfect drink to wind down the evening with.


The next morning we chose to sleep in and order in breakfast via Uber Eats. Part of me did want to go out and search for breakfast but the other part won over and I just remained relaxing in bed.


After relaxing our morning away, we were energized to explore Savannah and there is a lot to discover.  Our first stop included – you guessed it – food.


We stopped at Wet Willies – A Bar and Grill that is famous for its frozen alcoholic slushies. I mean who doesn’t love  slushies? Add to that Alcoholic Slushies that are served all day? Even better.


We got wings again – couldn’t get enough. My sister got tequila flavored wings and I got BBQ flavored wings.



For the frozen drinks  I got Pink Flamingo – Strawberry Daiquiri mixed with Pina Colada. While my sister got Sex on the Beach. Let me tell you – there is nothing like a frozen slushie on a warm day.


Our next stop was River Street. I had heard so much about it and wanted to see it for myself.  Overlooking the Savannah River, is a pebble lined street with different types of stores cascading down the river front.


I love the old feel the downtown has a sentimental feel to it. The old and quaint buildings that remind of you a time past.


The first store we visited was the River Street Candy Store. I have a huge sweet tooth  and this store was right up my street!


There was so much candy I didn’t even know where to begin.  I heard a man outside say “You get a sugar rush just from standing in the store and smelling all the sugar” and I couldn’t agree more.


While there I picked up a bag of candy which I made up myself – Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina Colada Jelly beans anyone?


As you can see the true essence of a kid in a candy store:


I also picked up some fudge – milk fudge, rocky road and mint chocolate fudge. If you do go to Savannah do stop by the Candy Store  – you won’t regret it. Plus they offer free praline samples too.


We continued to stroll down river street and took some pictures….



Sat by the river and watched the boats go bye. We then picked up some souvenirs before heading back to our hotel room.



(Outfit Details: Black Floral Kimono – Forever21; White Twisted Back Top – Charlotte Russe; Jeans – Fashionova; Chuck Taylor Madison Converse Sneakers – Nordstrom Rack; Ear Cuffs & Necklace – Forever 21; Nanette Lepore Watch – Nordstrom Rack; Scent – DKNY Be Delicious)


After a nap, we decided to venture out again at night for a sweet treat – because Savannah is kind of like new york, things are open late.

I heard so much about Lulu’s Chocolate Bar and I was curious to try it.  Before then I had never heard of anything such as a chocolate bar in my life. Which is a shame because I am a proud chocaholic.

Once you walk into Lulu’s you are greeted by a display of all kinds of desserts that look so delicious you would want to try them all.


Seated at our table we took a look at the menu which had all kinds of chocolate and drink goodies – if you never had a Chocolate Martini – Lulu’s would be the place to try it.


We decided to go with the “Rapture Sundae”  which was mouth wateringly (I don’t care if that’s a word or not) described as 3 scoops of mousse or ice cream, covered with cream, berries and bananas in a chocolate bowel. And it is served with 3 shots of Amarula, Chambord and Dorda Liqueur.


I mean look at that beauty


All in all a great way to end our 2nd Night in Savannah.

Look out for Part 2 of my Savannah Trip. Till the next post!




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