Trying out Recipes

Let me let you onto a quick fact about me – I love food. Like really love food. I also love baking and cooking. It is kind of a creative outlet for me. I often like to make up recipes and I’m excited to start sharing them on here.

But I’ve never been the kind of cook to follow a recipe straight out of the book – I usually twist this or replace that till the recipe is a different rendition of the original one. And that’s what makes cooking fun for me.

This week I got into my chef boots and tried out some different recipes while putting some kind of twist on them.

For dinner, I happened to stumble on this recipe on Facebook and it looks delicious. I actually tracked it to the actual blog where it’s from and here is the link.


Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

Instead of using chicken thighs as the original recipe called for, I used filet chicken breasts. I served it with my own butter herb rice (recipe coming soon) and sauteed squash and carrots.


Earlier in the week I was really craving cheesecake but not any kind of cheesecake – a chocolate kind of cheese cake.


I found this recipe for this triple layer cheesecake and just changed out the crust with my homemade shortbread crust and served it with strawberries.

So what kind of recipes have you tried lately? Are you the type to follow a recipe straight out of the book or do you change things around?

See you next time.


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