Do Diffusers Really Work?

I am always open to trying new things – especially ones that have  great benefits for the mind and body.


The latest thing I’ve been trying out is a diffuser.  I was actually put on this idea by the ladies at my work who have a diffuser going at front desk of the Labor and Delivery Unit.


The cool thing I love about diffusers  is you can take all kinds of Essential Oils and use it to spread their scent in your space. It also makes it easy to inhale  different types of oils that can do anything from changing your mood or helping with sleep or stress.

Curious to find out if diffusers work as many people claim, I headed to TJ Maxx and picked out a diffuser I liked.  I went with PureSpa’s Diffuser.



It is described as an ionizing aromatherapy diffuser with LED color changing options and runs for seven hours.  And it is affordable and convenient.


In addition to that, I also picked up a set of essential oils  to try out. My set of oils came from Woolzies. This set (Amazon) comes with:


  • Lemon – this oil that is meant to uplift, energize and invigorate you.
  • Orange – is meant to relax and uplift you. It can be mixed with lemon for an extra energizing shot.
  • Lavender – is supposed to produce sleep inducing effects.
  • Tea Tree – supposedly helps with your immune system.
  • Eucalyptus – is great for clearing out your respiratory system such as your lungs, as well as your sinuses.
  • Peppermint – this soothing scent helps with cooling refreshing feeling as well as helping with headaches and nausea.

I also picked up a blend of essential oils  by Zevana called “Awaken”. This blend contains Orange, Rosemary, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Grapefruit.  It supposed to be like a cup of coffee  in the morning or caffeine shot  during that “slump” we tend to experience during the latter part of our day.

The very first blend I tried was the “Awaken” blend by Zevana.  After I had woke up, I set up my diffuser and placed about 5 drops before turning it on.


The result? It actually worked. I first started sniffing at hints of citrus floating around my room. In half an hour, I actually felt my mood brighten up and I felt a lot happier and excited to start my day. So yes I would say the combination of the diffuser and this awaken blend did wake me up.

After that I tried out the different oils from my Woolzies set.  Two mixtures of blends I tried were:

Tea Tree Oil with Lavender – for a relaxing and immune boosting effect. This a perfect blend to try out when you are relaxing or doing some yoga 🙂


Lavendar with Peppermint – before going to bed I  use Lavender oil mixed with Peppermint oil.  I want to say I haven’t found the perfect mix to make me sleep. But I have found lavender does help me relax more  therefore I am able to try and sleep better.


Overall, I do love my diffuser and I am excited to keep using it and try different combination and recipes for essential oils to see what it can do for me.

It definitely works as a great alternative to candles (which I love) and does leave any room I have it in -with a clean fresh scent.

So have you ever used a diffuser? And if so do you think it works? What are your favorite essential oils?



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