Graduation Decor & DIY on a Budget

Graduation is a very important occasion not only for the graduate but their support system such as their family and friends who have cheered them along the way.


About a week and a half ago my family and I were looking forward to my youngest sister’s graduation ceremony from university.  In order to mark this momentous occasion I decided to put up a few decorations around the house. I also gathered supplies to decorate the table at the restaurant to celebrate her success.

What kind of decorations do you  get for graduation? And how do you do it without breaking the bank?

Well I’ll give you a few tips in this post. First of all I saved a couple of dollars by not buying ready made items such as banners. I also find a certain number of kits that were cheaper than buying individual items to put together.

In addition, use coupons, coupons! Places like Michael’s have a place to sign up to earn points and get coupons. Take advantage of that.

Well the first place I headed to is the store:


Here are the items of decor I bought, their price and how I put them together for my sister’s graduation.


Congratulations Banner and a Customized Name Banner:

Supplies (Michaels):

  • Recollections Banner Paper Pad  in Black  – $5.99
  • Recollections Banner Paper Pad in Gold     – $5.99
  • Twine (yellow)                                                   – $1.99
  • Metallic Marker                                                 -$2.99
  • Monogram Letter Stickers (4)                         -$0.89 each

Total cost: $20.52

Directions: For the “congratulations” banner I used the metallic marker in gold to draw each letter and fill it  out.  I then used the twine to string the banner paper together to form the banner. This part took the longest about 2 days during my pockets of free time.



I finally managed to finish it off on a quiet afternoon while at Starbucks.




For the custom name banner – I used the sticker on each paper instead of using the marker like I did on the previous banner.

Other Decor Items – Fans, Banner

  • Paper Fan Kit  –  $12.99

Directions:  With the help  of my dad we were able to put the fans together and hang the decorations in different parts of my apartment.





Table Decor :

  • Gold Table Cloth                                      -$1.99
  • Graduation Themed Confetti               -$1.99
  • Graduation Tinsel Hat Table Top        -$1.49
  • Graduation stickers kit                          -$3.99
  • 16 count Napkins                                    -$2.37
  • 8 count Plates                                          -$2.05

Total Cost:                                                           $13.88


Directions: At the restaurant I enlisted the help of my best friend and one of my sisters friends to set up the table.

We placed the table cloth first, then sprinkled the confetti and placed the different stickers on the table.


Lastly, we used the tinsel graduation had as a center piece and placed the napkins and plates for the cake right beside it.


Be sure to check with your restaurant host and/or waitress if it is okay to do so and it should be fine.

Total cost of decorations :  $47.39

This wasn’t bad for me since I had budgeted a lot more for this. I also loved how I could reuse some of the items in the future if the need came up.

It was fun putting everything together and to me it was worth seeing the result below – one happy graduate




What are some ways you try to decorate for an event on a budget?


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