Adidas Outfit & A Movie Night

What do you do on a nice day with free time? Go eat out and see a movie of course!

My sister, her friend and I went out for dinner and then went to watch Jurassic World, A Fallen Kingdom. I pretty much grew up on the Jurassic Movies as a child. I think Jurassic World (2016) was a pretty good movie. Therefore this is one of the summer movies I was looking forward to.

Before heading towards the cinema we stopped by Cheddars for dinner. I usually get a Spicy Mango Mojito but this time I decided to try the Island Tiki. It is made of 2 different rums, blue curacao mixed with mango puree and pineapple juice. It was surprisingly really good and gave a “vacay” kind of vibe. The color was also really pretty.

For my meal I went with the BBQ Chicken platter and Fries which was oh so delicious. To round it off we all shared the Monster Cookie for dessert (not pictured here).


It was sunny and warm outside I decided to soak up some much needed sunlight as well as take a few pictures. My T-Shirt is from Adidas which I stumbled upon while shopping at Nordstrom Rack a while ago. I love it, it fits right and is light and breathable. It’s also black so you can wear it with pretty much anything.

I matched it with my favorite ripped jeans and a pair of black and white adidas sneakers.

(Black Floral T-Shirt – Adidas; Ripped Jeans –Similar; Black & White QT Racer Sneakers – Adidas).


After we were done eating we headed to see the movie. The theatre we went to really got into the Jurassic spirit. For instance they had this pretty cool jeep parked outside with the famous “East Dock” sign from the first movie. I wondered if I could take it for a spin?

The movie itself was interesting, it was captivating for sure. There were just a few concepts I wish they had expanded upon more.  I don’t want to say too much in case I spoil it for some.

The ending of the film has me wondering if they are going to continue the story as far as dinosaurs now living in inhabited cities and how will that work? Is this the end of the franchise or a way to develop a new take on the movies coming out after this?

But overall it was a good movie. As we came out were charged at by a very “ferocious” or should I say enthusiastic T- Rex.


Have you watched movie yet? And did you like it? Comment Below.


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