Brunch over the Skyline of Atlanta

Over the weekend there is nothing better than sleeping in and waking up to a delicious brunch. Brunch is one of my favorite meals – especially during the weekend when things are more laid back.

However, this past weekend I got to experience one of my favorite meals in a breathtaking way. You don’t always get to eat your brunch over 700 feet in the air, overlooking the skyline of one of the most busiest cities in the US – Atlanta.

We visited the Sundial Restaurant to have their famous brunch to celebrate my youngest sister’s birthday.

Once we rode the elevator and got to the Sundial Restaurant we were amazed by the views and spent time just looking out windows. However, the growl of our stomachs reminded us why were here and we were greeted by the host and seated in a nice booth that was across from a beautiful view.

To start out we had the best and freshest banana nut and dark chocolate muffins ever! And the best part? They were complimentary. I definitely would just go to the Sundial to enjoy these muffins and the view which is to die for.

We also got drinks while we waited for our meals to arrive. I chose to go with a classic – A mimosa. While everyone else got the Peach Tea Lemonade and some Coffee.

After intensely looking over the menu – each of us ladies decided to go with a different breakfast item  so we could try it out – French toast, Chicken Waffle (Yes that exists), Eggs over Atlanta and I got the Salmon Wood Scramble.  Everyone agreed everything was delicious and the portions were way bigger than we expected.  It was agreed that the french toast was clearly a winner.

Our bellies were filled we decided to wander around the restaurant to take in the views and take some pictures… because when you come to a place like this you just have to 😀

(Blue/White Stripe Jumpsuit – Similar ; Navy Corkswoon Wedges – Stuart Weitzman; Silver Charm Anklet – Isabella M; “Love Bracelet” Maya Brenner)

They even have a telescope you can use – how neat!


Did you know you can come to the Sundial just to take in the views if you’ve already eaten? I highly recommend you do, it is really refreshing.  If you can – try out their brunch too which is served every Sunday – you won’t regret it.


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