Sunday Brunch at La Petit Marche

The weekends are a good time to go exploring and try new things and have fun. This past saturday I was lucky enough to explore  a different part of Atlanta as well as try a new food spot. I already mentioned  before that I love brunch.  So after my sister insisted on trying out this restaurant she’d been dying to go to, I decided to go along with her. I mean who passes a chance to try food, right?

We were joined by one of our close friends – which made it a girls day out.  Le Petit Marche is tucked away in downtown Atlanta in the Kirkwood district. It’s a little quaint building that offers porch seating if you so wish.

But because it was sunny and toasty, we girls decided to head indoors instead.  You are greeted by  what looks to be an open kitchen layout and display of all kinds of goodies.

You have to wait in line to make your order…….

– but the interesting twist? You get to read your own personal menu while you stand in line.

I already made my mind up from the go that I would try Bianka’s Basil Chicken Panini with Parmesan Crusted Fries. I also added some warm chicken soup along with it.

Want to know a cool fact about Le Petit Marche? They serve breakfast all day! Which is really cool. My two other girlies decided on a french toast sandwich – which was just as delicious as my savory meal.


While my sister was lucky enough to get started  on her french toast first. I sat patiently waiting for my food – as evidenced as below.

I finally got my meal and was ready to tuck in. It was delicious! I mean parmesan fries – need I say more?

It was a wonderful outing and I definitely will be heading back to Le Petit Marche – this time to try their French Toast Sandwiches  and other Sandwiches.


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  1. July 25, 2018 / 7:21 pm

    Wow this place looks grea. What other restaurants do you like to go to for brunch?

    • Nalu
      July 27, 2018 / 3:44 pm

      I know it does right 🙂 The only other place I’ve been to for brunch is the Sundial Restaurant. What about you – do you have any places you go to for brunch?

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