Bienvenido A Miami: Bayside & Wynwood Walls

I’m Back!!

It feels so long since I last blogged on here. I remember months ago I was excited to have my blog redone and I was excited to post all sorts of content. However, as life would have it – I took a different direction in life and I’ll admit I wasn’t ready for the transition (More of that in a later post).

In the mean time,  I recently got to do one of my favorite things – which is traveling. This past weekend I just came back from visiting Miami for the very first time. My first trip there was interesting and eyeopening to say the least.

Miami was definitely sunny and warm and really served it’s purpose of invigorating me. This little vacation re-energized me and gave me the perspective I needed to face the rest of this year.  Miami is most famously known for its South Beach, however there are other different spots you can check out and where tourists frequent a lot.

After getting to sleep in late in our cute studio, my sister and noshed on a brunch of fruit, muffins & tea and headed out.

Our first stop was Wynwood Walls, an outdoor area for people to appreciate art in the form street murals. As a lover of art of any form, this was definitely on my to do list.


It did not disappoint and is a great place to stop by if you have the time.  Quick fact – I learned from a friend of mine who grew up on Miami and lived near what is known as Wynwood Walls – Wynwood Walls was previously a place where grafitti art was done on walls. It later changed into a tourist destination in which artists world over come to display their art.

There were a number of colorful murals that  whose strokes and shapes came to life as you strolled by them or stopped to take a selfie. Don’t you love the modern world as we know it?

This was my absolute favorite, the colors were so rich, the features so bold and the message so clear – diversity and power in women.

And of course – Wakanda Forever.

There were so many I didn’t know which ones to take pictures of:

(Outfit Details: Adidas Crop Top – Nordstrom Rack; Adidas Superstar Sneakers – Adidas; Red Skinny Jeans – Old Navy)

A few of the pictures we saw had messages that hit you with one word and were a wonderful takeaway.

After perusing Wynwood Walls and 2nd Avenue spots we decided to hit our next destination spot – Bayside.

Bayside is somewhat a mix of an outdoor mall and market mixed in one.

It sits right on the bay and docks and you can watch boats come and go, some are private yachts and others are tour boats. If you feel adventurous enough  you can go on a tour yourself. If riding the water makes you feel queasy then there are plenty of shops to keep you busy.

After exploring shop after shop and getting customized T-shirts to remind us of our visit to Miami, we realized were hungry and found a place to rest our weary legs and enjoy the view of the Miami Bay.

And of course  how could we forget dessert?

I really enjoyed our first day in Miami once I adjusted to the place. Like I mentioned before it was eyeopening when you really see the city and get to meet the people. It’s almost like being in a completely different country.

Look out for more adventures in Miami in the next post – Till then!


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