Out and About: South Beach, Miami

A visit to Miami isn’t complete without a beach day or two in South Beach. When you think of Miami  and what you have seen about it – you’re probably thinking of what is known as SoBE (South Beach).

We began our day by soaking in some sunshine in the pretty garden outside our AirBnB.  After soaking up our early dose  of sunshine (of course after putting on sunscreen) we decided to call our Uber and head towards the famous South Beach.


While driving to our destination we passed by some intriguing buildings and sights that were soaked up by our eager traveling eyes.


Such as the freedom tower …. a building that Cuban Refugees  came to once they stepped onto U.S.  soil.

Or the American Airlines Sports Dome – where countless of basketball games have been played.

Then of course there was the Port of Miami – which one day I will visit when I’m brave enough to board a cruise ship (Don’t ask).

Finally we reached our destination – the beach on the great Ocean Drive.

As we walked close to the shore we could hear the waves hitting land and the scent of salty water fill the air. Like kids in a candy store, we got excited and  picked up our pace till we hit it…..the famous south beach.

We sat and enjoyed the view while soaking up rays and bobbing to Afro tunes from our phones.

We finally took the plunge and enjoyed the water. Truly reinvigorating.

After we hit the beach we grew tired and headed down a few blocks to get lunch at Jimmy’z Kitchen.  It’s usually the ones that are tucked away that have the best food.

After filling up our tummies we decided to end the night on South Beach at the well known Sugar Factory.This places has been given the seal of approval and has been visited by famous people such as Mariah Carey, Drake to mention a few.

To say the least this drink comes in a really big glass. We had to share, and needless to say the drink makes you feel really euphoric and relaxed.

And that is how our last day in Miami ended. I really found Miami to be different, but I enjoyed it. I will be back because there are more places I want to visit.


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