Cozy and Warm in Poncey

As a child I was always excited to go to new places and “explore”. I would use my big imagination and imagine I was in a new strange world, filled with castles, animals and characters all  created by my childhood fantasies. It was so fun and I lost myself in that world for hours. Now that I am grown, I don’t spend much time in that world anymore, however, I still carry a key part with me and that is going somewhere new and exploring.

There is just something that changes your perspective in life when you add meaningful experiences to it. It makes life more rich and wonderful to be a part of. It could be something as small as visiting a new neighborhood and enjoying a cozy brunch away from the crazy bustle of cars and city life. And that is what I did  this Sunday.

I looked up the Poncey Highland Cafe – it boasted of warm and toasty environment, with fluffy waffles and all different kinds of hot drinks your whimsical mind could dream up of – Golden Milk Latte anybody?

As we approached the entrance, there were trees that lined the street and the outside porch had such a burnished copper glow about it.

It was truly intriguing and immediately took me back to my childhood days when I would sneak away from my family and find a spot outside that was completely hidden and untouched by anybody else.

Once inside, you are greeted by this vintage and quaint setting –  different types of seating scattered through out the room. A wooden counter top filled with delectable goodies that fill up just by looking at them. And they even play black and white movies -how neat is that?

After looking at the menu, my older sister and I finally decided on the perfect selection for brunch – warm waffles.

While we waited for our waffles to arrive, we got to sit by the book case, catch up  and enjoy our lattes. My sister had the Mocha Latte……


And I had the Chai Latte. Don’t let the pictures fool you – the cup sizing here is mucho generous.

When our warm waffles finally arrived, our barista was so sweet and helpful and got us to much more comfy spot to sit back, eat and enjoy the ambiance.

I must say this was the first time I had waffles from a restaurant – (yes I said first, don’t judge me) and I was pleasantly surprised. I got Waffles,with warm butter and fresh blueberries with a side of maple syrup.

Chi – my sister – had waffles served with blueberries and get this – minted maple mascarpone. It is as delicious as it sounds.

While we ate we chatted about love, boy trouble, and just in general life. I love being able to spend this type of quality time with my loved ones.  These type of sweet memories are the kind I save and play back in my head when I need a mental or emotional pick up.

Once we finished our meal, we were filled up and fueled up for our next adventure, attending an event about love by life and love coach Stephan Labossiere or better known as “Stephan Speaks”. Just as I believe its important to try new things and explore, I also believe in improving areas in my life that are holding me back from being my true complete self. But that will be covered in another post very soon.


If you are ever in the Atlanta Area and want a cozy spot to try and have brunch at – try the Poncey Highland Cafe, you won’t be disappointed. It is definitely on my list of go-to spots for brunch on Sunday morning 🙂

Till next post!



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