I Found A Sweet Spot!

If you have read my previous blog posts or even looked at my IG feed you’ll know that I love food….like absolutely love it. I also happen to have a sweet tooth.

One of my favorite past times include discovering new places to try food at while catching up with friends or loved ones.  This time we decided to try out a dessert bar that had good reviews and believe me it didn’t disappoint. 

When you enter the place – you are instantly transported to a warm and toasty ambiance. You have two cozy chairs pulled up, comfy enough to sit in, drink your latte and let the time go by.

Or you could grab your food and sit by one of these artistically sweet paintings.

Now, let me tell I felt I was in sweet tooth heaven. I mean there baked goods and desserts of all kinds it was hard to really settle on just one. If you ask my sister, I think she got tired of me pacing back and forth across the counter top of baked goods. But really how could you blame me?

We girls finally came up with a grand idea – we would each pick a dessert and then share it. 

We went with brownie skillet, creme brulee and  wedding cake.  Just look at the feast of sweet treats!

One of the most important things I enjoy about moments like these is the beautiful memories that are created with friends as you laugh and talk about different experiences in life over food or in our case dessert. I may not have a perfect life but doing things like these makes me happy and puts everything into perspective for me (Check out the 4th tip in my previous post about staying thankful)

As for the Decadent Dessert Bar – I do recommend you try them out – it was awesome. I would suggest looking up the nearest location to you, calling your girlfriends and scheduling a trip there. Believe me you’ll be in for a treat!

Join me on my next post where I’ll delve into more heavier stuff….like shall we say….. love??


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