Experiencing the Magic of the Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical

At the beginning of the New Year I decided to do something a little different, something that reminded of me as how I would imagine different magical places in my head as a child.

The Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical Garden is a seasonal exhibition that runs from November to January. My friends and I were lucky enough to catch it before it ended this year.

It is filled with different sections with key light features such as the Ice Goddess or the Orbs of Light.

The garden is open late afternoon till 11pm. We went late at night to get the full effect of the light magic.

Our journey began in the Glittering Galaxy – set to orchestral music with familiar sounds of beauty and the beast/star wars. The glittering galaxy truly has you captivated from the beginning. It was reminiscent of being suspended in hyperspace to the back drop of classical music (any fellow Star Wars fans?)

We continued our journey to through the walk of flames ……

Made a stop at the tunnel of light – I mean look how pretty is that?

After that I was eager to hurry on to the feature that I had been dying to lay my eyes on – the Goddess of Light. Glancing at her lighted sculpture picture made me decide that I definitely had to stop the Garden Light.

She is truly magnificent…. Like a siren shrouded in light and slowly rising from the waters and peering at you from behind the tranquil water fountains.

During regular days she looks more like Tefiti from Moana, and as that is one of my favorite movies you can see why I was eager to visit.

After ogling over the Goddess of Light like a bunch of excited fan girls (I know the people around and behind us were glad to see us leave so they too could enjoy the sight).

We slithered through the Ice Storm Trees and across the Gardens. We found ourselves in the Twinkling Light Terrace.

On the way I found some hidden gems of wonder.

Another feature I truly enjoyed was the Orbs of light. Before I got there I stopped to linger in the “Kiss Me Arch”. Maybe one day when I meet my soulmate we’ll return here and share a kiss under the arch.

Our 2nd to last stop was the Orbs of Light. These were absolutely fascinating – not because there was anything particularly astounding about them. They just happened to light up and cordinate with music. Tunes of Sound of Music, Old Tunes and Holiday Bops set a scene for the flashes of pink or gold.

Our last stop was conservatory filled with Poinsettia Tree & Radiant Rain forest plants. I would say this was a hit with my group as we spent our last precious minutes taking pictures in front of the poinsettia tree. It does make a wonderful backdrop, don’t you agree?

I would say our trip to the garden light was worth it. I certainly enjoyed it and found if you are trying to keep it to hitting highlight features – an hour is just about enough. If you want to thoroughly enjoy the garden when you go – then I suggest getting an early start.

I just realized this is my first post for 2019! So Happy New Years to my readers! I’m sorry I haven’t been as consisted with my content, I went through some things last year but I am determined to make this new year count. I’m so excited for this year and I have some great ideas for the CFF – I can’t wait to share with you so stay tuned!

*Quick Tip if you choose to visit the Garden Light when it comes back next – If you want to save on the regular price – go to the garden from 9pm*


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