Two Places to Have Brunch in Kennesaw

It is no secret that I love brunch, I think it’s one of my favorite meals of the day. I mean why wouldn’t it be? You get to mix breakfast, lunch, dinner and yes even snacks in one meal. That is nothing short of food heaven for me šŸ˜€

Well I was talking to one of my friends about the fact there are so many places to have brunch in the Downtown Atlanta area, but not that many in the Kennesaw area. As I consider myself the Brunch Queen, I decided to scout out any brunch places and then provide them here for you. You are welcome.

So far I have found two places you can have brunch at if you happen to be in the Kennesaw area. These are the Flying Biscuit Cafe and First Watch.

We’ll start with First Watch:

If you are looking for a rustic and cozy atmosphere with healthy and organic brunch options this is your place. First Watch boasts about providing with you meals produced from the freshest ingredients along with a nice pot of coffee – if you drink coffee.

They also offer a few juices to start your morning right. I’ll admit this what sold this place to me to try. I happened to note they had a Morning Meditation Juice – that is meant to get your energy up and your brain juices flowing and of course I was all for it.

My two sisters and I enjoyed the food. It was really good and if they get your meal wrong they will fix it, which I highly appreciate. The only thing I noted is that it tends to be busy so your waiter/waitress can get tied up really quickly ….just an FYI.

We decided to go for the classic brunch meals – the Traditional or the Trifecta. I chose the Trifecta – it comes with a breakfast meat and eggs along with pancakes or belgian waffles. I chose Waffles.

My sister decided to get a plate of their pancakes for us to try – the Lemon Ricotta – and first of let me warn you about the size – these things are humongous! If you’re thinking of sharing then this is the perfect size. Unless you’re just starving then you get them all to yourself šŸ˜‰

Along with my meal I got the Morning Meditative Juice. Let me tell you – this is beyond delicious and refreshing. I definitely don’t regret choosing it at all.

Visually appealing with a swirls of orange and red – it is made with ingredients of orange, lemon, ginger, tumeric, agave and beet. I don’t know if it was the combo of ingredients – but I definitely perked up and felt happy throughout the day.

I may need snatch this recipe for my juice file. As you can see – I had a clean plate – need I say more?

I would say this a great place to have Brunch and especially if you are looking for a more healthier version of your first meal of the day. And you end up pretty energized – like I did:

Flying Biscuit Cafe:

The next place I got try Brunch was the flying biscuit cafe. This a popular chain-eatery that serves southern breakfast.

The one thing they do boast about is there fluffy delicious biscuits – I mean that is probably why it is called the flying biscuit right?

And you know me – I went with the Famous Flying Biscuit Breakfast – two eggs, breakfast meat, some grits and of course their famous biscuit which I was dying to try.

First off let me say those biscuits are so delicious and worth the trouble if you want to stop by and try some. The next dreamy item on the menu – their grits! They are cream with just the right amount of savory flavor in them. Love, love, love.

I could just eat the biscuits and grits here to be honest. The environment here is more casual and busy but I like it. It’s quick place to grab some decent food for brunch or even lunch if you feel like it.

That’s all I have discovered – I’ll be sure to let you know of more Brunch Spaces when I do find them. What are some new spots you have found to have brunch or breakfast?



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