5 Reasons You Need to Attend a Vision Board Party!

“If you create a vision for your life, doors will open” so says a quote by an anonymous author.

There is so much truth in that quote. We truly have a lot of power over our destiny if we put our minds to it. To be fair we may not always be born or be presented with same opportunities or resources that others have. But I believe determination, passion and faith a key ingredients to living the life you have always wanted

The best way? Write it down and then work it into reality. About a week ago I was fortunate to go attend my very first vision board party hosted by Socially Our – a woman’s network group in the Atlanta area.

What is a vision board party? I’m glad you asked 😉

A vision board party is simply described as a gathering where boss babes or (boss dudes)like you and me get together with supplies and snacks and create visually appealing rendition of dreams and hopes for the future. It really is a refreshing exercise.

As this was my first time attending a vision board party. I’m going to talk about my experience with Socially Ours’ party.

We were first guided to a desk with a cute sign to sign in. We were welcomed into what I call a really Boho Chic space. Definitely the right atmosphere to get one’s goal attaining juices flowing.

Our working space where we could work on our vision boards had just enough space for us to work on our boards as well as enjoy food on the side.

Before jumping into our ambitious activities , we were welcome by one of Socially Our’s founders and introduced to the days activities and the purpose of it.

I definitely loved how Mi’asa set up the vision board party. We started off with vision mapping and writing down lessons from our past and what we wanted to accomplish for the future. I hadn’t done mind mapping in a while and it was nice to get at least five major areas of my life goals that I wanted to tackle this year.

After our mind-mapping exercise, the real party begun as music was surrounded the room and we were served with mimosas. I mean everything is better with mimosas right?

And the best part? The food table was opened and I find nothing more delightful than doing something productive while nibbling on delicious treats.

I enjoyed working on my vision board. It truly helped me visualize what I want for my life and what I am capable of doing to get there. I was happy with the finished project.

And now I’m going to quickly share with you 5 reasons why you need to attend a vision board party as you can still catch some during the remainder of February and March!

  1. It gives you a plan or blue print for your year – lets face it, when we actually take time to plan for something, our mind registers it as important. We are most likely to work on something we have written down and something we see in front of us all the time.
  2. It is visually appealing – Vision boards have an appealing factor. They are pieced together from magazines of what our ideal or dream life looks like. If we something visually that appeals to us and something we truly want – we are more likely to pursue that.
  3. It causes you to reflect deeply – Working on a vision board truly has you stop and reflect on what is important in your life. What have you achieved so far? And where or how far do you want to go? You can put all of this on a board in front of you.
  4. It keeps you accountable – There is just something about writing down and visualizing your dreams that keeps you accountable. Be sure to place your vision board where you can see it when you wake up every morning. This will remind you about your goals and inspire you to make small progress to meet your goals every day.
  5. It is a fun activity/event to go to – Vision Board Parties are fun. Take some friends or family with you and enjoy a creative release. Plus you get to take a artful masterpiece with you.

If you haven’t done a vision board in awhile or ever and you never attended a vision board party I suggest you go! And take some friends with you, it makes it even more fun as you share and work on your dreams together.

Lastly, if you are in the Atlanta area and looking to network with other professional women of color look up Socially Our, Mi’Lisa is really awesome and they have some great events.

Until next time

~ N

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